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How To Find Entertainment For Your Party

November 3rd, 2016

Planning a party can be very complicated. There is so much to think about, especially if you are the person in charge of it all. You have to get people invited, provide refreshments or make other arrangements, and of course sort out the entertainment. But where do you start? You need to think about what kind of entertainment you are after first, and then set about organising it all. Remember to start this process nice and early before the date of the party, because you do not want to get into a situation where you need to book something last minute and no one is free.

First, get the music

It’s not a party without music! You need to have someone spinning the tunes, and honestly, it’s not a good idea to do this yourself. Your music collection is going to be a lot more limited than that of a DJ for hire. You could also consider a band, but only if it is a very large party where the noise will not be overwhelming. You should also bear in mind that a band will cost more. Look online for DJs who play in your local area and check out their level of experience and their reviews. This will tell you who to hire.

Then get the decorations

This is definitely part of the entertainment, because it makes the party look great and can also tie a theme together. Talking of theme, key your DJ for hire and photo booths for hire– if it’s a pirate party, then they need to have lots of pirate themed songs on hand, and so forth. You can look online on auction sites for cheap decorations, or head to craft stores if you have a bit of time to make your own. Blowing up balloons is a classic option, although it may not be appropriate for all parties. Streamers, tablecloths, paper plates – the design of all of them can add to the atmosphere.

Make sure there are party games available

We all remember playing games like pass the parcel as a kid. But even if your party is for grownups, a few games are still welcome. Once everyone has had a bit too much wine and loves the music, they can also get started on some fun adult games. Pin the tail on the donkey is still funny when you’re drunk, as is spin the bottle. Or come up with your own games with forfeits to get the party going! This will make it memorable.

Choose The Correct Music For Your Event

August 8th, 2016

Are you planning for a party in this upcoming party season? Actually there is no fixed season for a party freak right? If you are going for a party you will need to fix some designer party clothes, you will need to follow some beauty tips to look the best in the evening. For a guest it is not a big matter to attend the party; he or she will go there to enjoy. But if you are a planner or working for an event management company then it is your task to arrange everything in its place in a proper way. Now if you are working for corporate entertainment you will need to fix some low music or may be some instrumental for the evening. Choose the songs depending upon the occasion; you can ask the company representative about the choice of her boss as well.

If you are arranging a wedding party you will take special care regarding the music being played at the event. You need to get informed about the choices of the newlywed couple. You can ask them to make a list of their favorite songs. Do not forget that wedding is a joyful occasion; so do not use any sad music at this event. You can hire a good singer who can sing those songs properly or if your budget is good you can try to hire their favorite singer for the evening. There are several wedding singers available; you need to choose the best one for your evening.

If the couple is a band freak then at the reception you can arrange a wedding band for them as well. There are several musical bands available in the town who take reasonable payment and in return will gift you good music at your event. You can contact some of the famous wedding band hire and ask for their previous assignments. You can ask them to play for you as well and if you are satisfied with their music; you can hire them.

Now if you are planning for a live music program and want to make it the best you need to hire an event management company. Event management companies have good connections with the solo performers as well as the musical bands. They will bill you a small amount and in return you will get a smooth entertainment evening without any hustle. You just need to pay them some amount of rupees and they will arrange everything according to your plan. For live music with awesome musicians you can surely rely on these event management companies.

Now day’s theme events are in great demand. It can be a wedding ceremony, a birthday party, a baby shower, a bridal shower or a bachelor party; you can decorate the duo as per any special theme. There are several event management companies available in the market that arranges these types of events. If you want any standalone organizer for the evening that is also can be get. So plan your party according to a special theme and enjoy with your family and friends. For themed event music you can contact the local event management companies.

Fund Raising Ideas To Raise Funds For Projects

May 11th, 2016


Imagine you are the president of the Rotaract club of your university, school or locality and you are going to do a blood donation camp as a community project. The first thing you have to do is to raise funds as you need funds to advertise the events and to arrange equipment and refreshment needed. Likewise for any project that has to be organized or launched by you need funds and fund raising becomes a major challenge for the organizers. Following are several fund raising ideas to help you understand what activity you can choose to raise funds whatever your project is.

Sports festival

Sports festival can be suggested as a great way to raise funds as many people take interest in sports. You can invite many teams and from each team you can charge a reasonable registration fee. With the registration fee you can allocate a small amount to buy the certificates and trophies mainly. If you can get the playing area for free the main expenditure are only for the certificates trophies, fees for referees and refreshments (if you are planning to give). While the expenses are being such you can find means of income other than the registration fee. You can print a t-shirt in the name of the festival and sell it before and during the festival keeping a profit, you can also call for banners and digital advertisers, sell stalls and have fun amusement rides. which can both raise funds and bring glamour to your event.

Fun fair

A fun fair is also a good fund raising method yet it involves careful planning and considerable amount of expenses. This kind of fund raising activity should only be done if the income you can earn is considerably higher than the expenses. You need to be very sure and have a clear idea on the income you can earn before deciding on this sort of a fund raising project. You need to involve many amusement activities, games and stalls for a fun fair. Carnival equipment hire is not that difficult nowadays and you can opt to hire such as such equipment are very necessary for a fun fair. The main ways of income from a fun fair are by way of an entrance ticket and selling stalls while the expenses are mainly for hiring services and equipment.

Screening movies

Screening a movie is a very simple fund raising method where the cost will be very little and you can be assured that you will earn at least some amount from this. Unlike other methods which involve a certain amount of risk the risks involved in this method is drastically lesser. If you can find a hall to screen the movie with the facility of a projector and sounds, and a movie that goes with the taste of the target crowd, screening a movie is an ideal method to raise funds.